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Club Rules

1.  No braided main line.  No mono line only. Al hook lengths must have a lower BS than the main line.

2.  Barbless hooks only.  No whisker barbed hooks. No fixed leads or feeders to be used.

3.  Pike fishing is only allowed between Oct 1st - 14th March. Lure fishing is permitted during theses      dates but all lures etc must be fitted with a single barbless hook. No multihook rigs allowed. Wire      traces can be used during this period only. Make sure you have a suitable sized landing net and      unhooking mat at all times.

4.  Live baiting is allowed only with silver fish (not chub) caught from the water you are fishing.

5.  No cans (eg sweetcorn or meat etc) allowed.  No litter to be left.

6.  All anglers must have a landing net and unhooking mat when fishing.

7.  Keep nets to be emptied every 3 hours. Max 30lb per net.  No carp or pike to be kept in nets. No fish      over 3lb to be kept in nets.

8.  No sacking up of fish unless permission has been obtained by a committee member.

9.  No nut baits allowed.

10. No fires.  No guns.  No swimming or boating.

11. Only 2 rods allowed (a permit for 3 rods may be purchased - contact membership       secretary).

12.  No lead weights under 1oz/28gms to be used

13. All gates, toilets and sheds must be locked at all times.

14. All members must carry their membership card, I.D. card and rod licence at all times whilst fishing       club waters.

15. All fish must be returned to the water they have been caught from. Any person found transferring       fish from lake to lake or in any way harming fish (this includes pike) will be banned.

16. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times.

17. Contravention of these rules will result in your membership being cancelled.

18. Toilets will be closed if necessary during cold/bad weather (Nov-March).

19. Please observe the country code.  Remember geese, swans and ducks feed off the bottom in       shallow water, so if if they start feeding in your swim remove your lines.

20. All gates, toilets and sheds must be locked at all times. Max 5mph on the farm track leading to &       from Birkett  Hall lakes.

The Club Rules

PLEASE !! keep our fisheries clean                   and tidy take your rubbish away with you